LIFETIMEKIDSROOMS New 2021 Collection Catalogue is Here!

LIFETIMEKIDSROOMS New 2021 Collection Catalogue is Here!

Our newly updated LIFETIMEkidsroooms collection catalogue is filled with refreshing bed-combinations and accessories. Our goal is to design and create unique bedrooms that reflect the aesthetics and needs suitable for every child’s personality.

Our collection catalogue includes thematic categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. Let’s browse its pages together, identifying the most important elements of our wonderful collection that will also help you to get inspired!

Specifically, our new catalog contains eight sections with valuable information:

Central to the catalogue are, as expected, the multiple bed-combinations options. Modern, multifaceted, evolving and at the same time timeless, made entirely of solid pine wood along with accessories, adorn every child’s room, presenting a complete bedroom set that goes far beyond the purchase of a simple bed.

Go through the wonderful photos and detailed technical information in our catalogue to find the best bed for your child, choosing between 3 different categories, each having its unique characteristics:


The practical and beautiful selection of a high-bed, not only provides an elevated design but also provides functionality, as it saves valuable space in the bedroom. Use its space below to give your child more freedom to place their toys or even their desk.


Guided by safety in both the lower and the upper bed, our bunk beds have fully customized features that unite the needs of parents and children. With many variations, such as adding a roof (in hangout models), they are the best option for saving space in the most elegant and functional way.

3. 4 IN 1 BEDS

A bed for their first steps and for… their whole life! The system is based on our conversion philosophy with 4 “evolving” bed-combinations that change characteristics, height and accessories as your child grows. Starting low and paying special attention to safety, the bed is reconstructed with the pre-provided parts, until gradually unique new combinations emerge that suit your child’s age and interests.

At LIFETIMEkidsrooms we are proud for making your child and you happy as you turn the pages of our new catalog. For us it is important to envision your own unique life through our bed-themes. That is why your needs are always our guide in creating bed-combinations that can endure, adapt and accompany your child for many, many happy years!

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