Tipi Tents: The most amazing Easter gift!

Tipi Tents: The most amazing Easter gift!

Easter is one of the most beloved holidays for both adults and children. Make it even more special by offering something that every child longs for and exists in every childhood dream. A magical Tipi Tent!

The Tipi Tents aptly reflect the children’s need to create all those imaginary worlds they want to travel to. After all, there is no child who does not dream of a small magic shelter. Their own personal escape to the far-away places where their imagination meets their creativity and endless play, accompanied by the simplest and at the same time magical materials; such as a piece of cloth that becomes their secret gateway to a world of their own!

Magic and encouragement, are the main “building blocks” of every Tipi Tent for making way to new discoveries and new learnings. Handmade and made from certified, pre-washed fabrics and ecological materials to ensure quality, spacious, in a playful style and with bright openings, they are made with the absolute respect for any age and different personalities.

In our collection includes the most beautiful and inspiring designs that one can find:

  • Tipi Tent “Starry”: Sprinkled with magic stardust and with the endless worlds that mark children’s imagination. Its interior seems like the most ideal way to travel to the starry and bright skies, inviting them to explore and day-dream. The design and the colours of the Tipi Tent create the feeling that the stars are just a touch away from you … And everything is possible among the stars!
  • Tipi Tent “Serenity”: Play-time begins through the purity and light of this white Tipi Tent, which emits security and tranquillity for creating any world. The design is balanced and simple to exude calmness in both the child and to the overall aesthetics of their room.
  • Tipi Tent “Blue Night”: A wonderful night in the arms of their parents begins through the endless fairy tales and precious moments of relaxation that nestle in this Tipi Tent. The children daydream and gently fall in the arms of the moon and the sweet light of the stars.
  • Tipi Tent “My Fairytale”: With the sweet harmony of pink and gray tones, this Tipi Tent is a small kingdom of joy and adventure, similar to that of fairy tales. Children are thus encouraged to discover, narrate, use their creativity and indulge in the magic of incredible stories.

The wonderful colours, the creative patterns, the safe materials, but also the accessories that are included in each Tipi Tent, such as the Tipi case, the double-sided floor pillow and the 4 decorative pillows, compose a dream that no child can resist! Among the features that make them so beloved, after all, is the fact that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as your balcony, your garden or even your terrace!

Each Tipi Tent can also be combined with one of our fantastic handmade dream catchers made of cotton fabric and pine wood.

This Easter it’s worth thinking a little more creatively and gift to the child you love a Tipi Tent! Order through our eshop, with immediate availability, and soon a whole new world will be available for endless playing!

For more information you can call us at 77778887 for Cyprus and at 210 672 9011 for Greece or send us an email to [email protected]