Dreamy Children Bedrooms for Summer Getaways!

Dreamy Children Bedrooms for Summer Getaways!

Summer is getting closer along with the holidays and the relaxation that it entails.

Even though a holiday home is a secondary residence, we still want it to be equipped in the best possible way. One of the most demanding spaces that needs our attention is, of course, the children’s bedroom as it is important for our young adventurers to feel the same security and love that they enjoy in the main family home.

Aesthetics, functionality, and space saving are important in a holiday and any home. Therefore, smart solutions need to be applied even in the smallest rooms without sacrificing the quality or the safety for the children.

The following 3 wonderful bed-combinations will give new life to the children’s bedroom of any home.

Bunk bed: One of the most efficient ways to save space for a shared room. The stable construction provides the much-needed safety, and the upper bed is easily accessible by climbing the straight ladder which can be equipped with protective strips and hand-rails for an extra-safe grip. A bed-drawer can also be placed below the lower bed where children can store their toys or their bed linen and blankets.

Family Bunk Bed: An option that appeals to the whole family, as it combines a lower double bed (with a 120 x 200 cm mattress), and an upper single bed (with a 90 x 200 cm mattress). This bunk bed can be combined with a classic ladder or a side stepladder. The stepladder’s wide steps provide maximum protection for the child when climbing up or down, and each step is an independent storage space.

Hangout as Bunk bed: One of the most beautiful and special bed-combinations of our collection, our Hangout is not just a bunk bed – it stands out with its playful and adventurous look. Safety is always a priority in all our bed-combinations. The Hangout’s construction is not only unique but also sturdy, as it withstands time and daily use. Moreover, a bed drawer can be added below the bottom bed which can function as a storage space or as an additional guest bed.

Our bed combinations can be “built” in different styles and the bedroom can be decorated with beautiful accessories from our collection, such as the following, that will complete your child’s preferred themed bedroom.

1) Cotton light string: Proper lighting is a key element of the functionality of the children’s room as children enjoy endless playing time while on vacation. At the same time, it is an integral part of the room’s decoration, as it can be ideally matched with the room’s colour palette and other accessories. Our cotton light strings are handmade and consists of 20 cotton balls that are interlocked vertically with a secure cable and are available in various colour options to choose from.

2) Bean bag chairs: The colourful poufs of our collection perfectly complement the fairy-tale setting of every children’s room. Especially in a holiday home they can be perfectly used as relax chairs for children, can be placed anywhere and take up minimal space.

3) Tipi tents: Our tipi tents have inspirational designs, are made from certified fabrics and eco-friendly materials, are spacious and made to encourage exploration. They are extremely durable and can be placed both indoors and outdoors, to accompany a child’s play everywhere!

Our new collection catalogue will inspire you with many ideas, specially designed to utilize every precious inch of your available space.