Your 10 most frequently asked questions answered!

Your 10 most frequently asked questions answered!

When it comes to children’s furniture, most parents are faced with questions related to quality, construction, safety and cost. At LIFETIMEkidsrooms we examine these questions carefully and we present a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions about our products.

1. Can a luxury slatted base be placed in a bed designed for standard slats? Or the other way around?

Beds with standard slats are designed with bed sides where the slats are directly screwed onto. Beds with a luxury slatted base have bed sides with special metal fittings that “carry” the frame of the slats. For the conversion of the slatted bases (standard slats to luxury slats and vice versa) new relevant pieces will have to be ordered according to the conversion.

2. What standards do LIFETIMEKidsrooms’s beds have?

Our beds meet the highest safety standards and requirements, often exceeding the legal standards. Our beds are extensively tested by TÜV, a strict testing authority and meet the standards of EN-747 having all the necessary certifications. The wood used in our furniture is solid pine wood with environmentally friendly water-based lacquer. We ensure that our products are safe, not only for the environment, but most importantly for your children as well.

3.  What is the warranty period on LIFETIMEKidsrooms’s products?

The warranty period starts effect from the date of purchase of the item from our stores or online shop. We grant a complaint period of generally 2 years for faulty designs and a 5-year warranty on the construction parts of the beds. The warranty does not apply to items that have been stored or incorrectly assembled. The warranty also ceases to apply to phenomena that occur after the normal use of the furniture or damage that has been caused by natural disasters or damaged caused accidentally/intentionally.

4. What height should the mattresses placed on LIFETIMEkidsrooms beds have?

LIFETIMEkidsrooms are designed in such a way that the maximum height of the mattress used on any bed must be 16 cm for safety reasons.

5. Where does the wood come from?

The wood for the production of our furniture comes from selected forest plantations in Europe, which are FSC certified. All our practices are environmentally friendly and adapted to have the minimum ecological footprint. Sustainability and respect for the environment are, after all, one of our principles.

6. Where is LIFETIMEkidsrooms furniture manufactured?

All the LIFETIMEKidsrooms beds and furniture are made in Europe. Our manufacturing excellence comes along with the safety of the materials and fabrics used on our beds and room accessories.

7. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time for orders is approximately 10-12 weeks.

8. What is the maximum weight that a LIFETIMEkidsrooms bed can withstand? Can an adult use it?

For beds with standard slats the maximum distributed weight is 150 kg and for beds with luxury slats the maximum distributed weight is 200 kg. Thus, a parent can use any type of bed and read a bed-time story to their little one.

9. What is the suitable age for LIFETIMEKidsrooms beds;

Our beds can be used from toddler to teenager.

The EN standard recommends the use of bunk beds for children over the age of 6, which must is clearly visible as a recommendation on our products. We know from our customers that our bunk beds are also used by younger children.  In those cases, for additional security, we recommend the addition of part 618 – an additional extra high bed-guard that can be installed on the existing bed constructions. Likewise, we also recommend the installation of the handrails on ladders, which offers additional grip when climbing in/out of beds.

10. Can the base bed be used for other combinations?

We create furniture that is resistant to time and use, with the aim of accompanying the child almost until adulthood. Scandinavian philosophy goes hand in hand with the versatility of our beds, giving unlimited choices for combinations that transform the main bed of our collection and evolve it according to the needs of the child. For all these reasons, we are proud that our Base Bed is one of the most popular and beloved pieces, enabling over 20 different combinations that allow its different use for many years.

In addition to this informative FAQ, we also want to engage in a personalized approach, which is why we invite you to contact us for anything you may need. So you can be absolutely certain that your choices fully live up to your expectations. Browse our new collection catalogue and explore ideas, specially designed for a beautiful and comfortable children’s bedroom, always with the highest safety and high quality of LIFETIMEkidsrooms!