5 useful organization tips for the new school year

5 useful organization tips for the new school year

Your child’s room is the place where they sleep, play and study. And with school days getting closer and closer, your child’s room could benefit of a re-organisation; beneficial for your child to stay focused and with clear school goals.

We share with you 5 useful tips on how we can create the most positive environment in your child’s room, to encourage their productivity and comfort during the new school year.

1. Taking into consideration your child’s age, needs and personality

Children grow quickly and their needs continuously change. For this reason, their rooms need to reflect their personality and adapted to their needs. The practical and functional furniture and accessories facilitate their daily life at school, in activities and in play-time. The suitable bed has a key role in any bedroom, and should correspond to each child’s age but also follow their development as the years go by. The Basic Bed of our LIFETIMEkidsrooms collection provides the opportunity for multiple bed-combinations and flexibility as children go through different developmental and cognitive stages.

2. Desk organisation

The study desk is directly related to ergonomics, comfort and studying, encouraging children’s concentration. At LIFETIMEkidsrooms, some of the desks of our collection can be placed below the high-beds, saving valuable space in the bedroom.

Our desks are specially designed to have their inclination and height adjusted the child’s position to facilitate a better posture and concentration. At the same time, they come with a variety of accessories, such as lamps, office chairs and wheeled drawers.

3. Toys’ organisation

With every new school year the playing does not stop! But because the time between school and fun is divided accordingly, it is necessary to have completely separate spaces in the same room where the child can do each of them.

The versatility of LIFETIMEkidsrooms furniture has the advantage of storing toys in hidden boxes under the bed, while equally effective solutions are provided by shelves, drawers, and convenient closets.

4. Wardrobe organisation

Heavier winter clothes take up more space, so it is essential that they are stored in spaces that remain functional and tidy, no matter how many times the child changes clothes during the day.

The careful design of LIFETIMEkidsrooms’s wardrobes allows for smart storage, as the partitions, ergonomic handles and durable materials compose the ideal choice for any children’s bedroom. At the same time, their soft-close system ensures their good functionality for much longer and of course the prevention of possible injuries.

5. Bookcase organisation

One of the most important pieces of furniture after the desk is undoubtedly the bookcase, which bears all the burden of storing and organizing books and notebooks. The solid structure of LIFETIMEkidsrooms’s bookcases offer the reliability of a safe and solid construction, while the alternation of open and closed options, the addition of drawers and cute handles give flexibility, character, and individuality, for a unique combination.

As long as the lovely weather and summer holidays favour some free time, the parents can start thinking of the organization of their little one’s bedroom by equipping it in the best way possible for the upcoming demanding school year. LIFETIMEkidsrooms stores are waiting for you with unique ideas, to create together the ideal environment in your child’s room, enhancing their concentration, organization, and love for learning.